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Not Just an Oil of the Month Anymore: Kumquat is Back!

Kumquat Essential Oil Plant Therapy Aromatherapy Orange

Just in time to brighten up your days with a burst of sunshine as they start to get cooler, we are bringing Kumquat back in a big way! Once just an Oil of the Month, we are now offering it on our website for everyone to enjoy!

This little fruit with a funny name boasts a big personality and an awesome array of benefits.

Kumquat Essential Oil Plant Therapy Aromatherapy OrangeIf you’re looking to add another citrus oil to your collection, you won’t want to ignore this one. While it offers some similar therapeutic benefits to other orange fruits, Kumquat is not your everyday citrus essential oil.  It is especially high in Limonene, giving it a bright, refreshingly juicy aroma will uplift your senses and energize your mind. It’s great to give you a boost in the morning or an afternoon pick-me-up whenever you are feeling a bit sluggish.

Plus, Kumquat supports a healthy immune system and makes a great addition to your household cleaners. The rich, orange citrus scent will freshen the air and create a wonderfully positive environment.

Sad summer has come to an end? Try this soothing and calming diffusion blend for a mental getaway that will take you right to the tropics. Please keep in mind that this blend is not KidSafe and is meant for diffusion only.

Kumquat Essential Oil Plant Therapy Aromatherapy Orange

Mental Staycation

*Massoia Bark was featured as an Oil of the Month. Please check back to see if it will be offered for general availability.

For more blending ideas, check out this blog!

Kumquat Essential Oil Profile

35 thoughts on “Not Just an Oil of the Month Anymore: Kumquat is Back!”

  1. There is a contradiction on the blog about the safety of Kumquat for kids, and it also states for diffusion only, but then you have the product details listing and there it states it is kid safe and you can mix with carrier oil! Which is correct?

    1. Karen, I apologize for the confusion here. Kumquat itself, is Kidsafe. However, where it says “this blend is not Kisafe, and is meant for diffusion only” is referring to the recipe with the Peru Balsam and Massoia bark at the bottom of the page.

  2. I want to try this as I think it might be a great transition scent from summer to fall. I live in FL so not quite ready for the Fall scents just yet!

  3. Kumquat is a favorite OOTM for me! It’s has just the right amount of tartness and a rich depth to the scent. I find it very uplifting and soothing at the same time. By far my favorite citrus! Thankyou for making it available all the time.

  4. I’ve always gone for citrus type essential oils to freshen up my rooms, will be interesting to use this one as another option.

  5. Thanks for all the great info on the oils. I am trying to add to my citrus collection and will definitely try to Kumquat, especially if that high in Limonene.

  6. I met someone a few years ago who would use a kumquat scent in candles she would make. I loved it! I’m really excited to try this essential oil. It’s a very rare and unique scent and I hope this oil meets my expectations.

  7. A comparison to sweet orange is mentioned in the description, and it seems it would have a richer orange scent than Mandarin, but is the therapeutic difference between the the 3 orange oils? Does it simply come down to a slight difference between them and personal preference?

    1. There are all going to have similar benefits: Uplifting, help supporting immune system, energizing and refreshing. So I would say it really does come down to your personal preference. I am a huge citrus fan and out of the three you mentioned, I would say Kumquat is my favorite scent

  8. Does this smell like orange sweet or blood orange? I love citrus oils so I’d like to know if it would smell like the ones I have already.

    1. It smells sweeter to me, i absolutely love this oil, i use it in a lot of cleaning recipes, and when i diffuse it makes my house smell clean and crisp!

  9. I’m so torn between this and sweet orange! I don’t quite understand what it means for the scent to be “richer.”

    P.S. Every time I hear the word “kumquat,” I remember that episode on iCarly where someone said “Well, tough kumquats!!” and Carly asked, “What is a kumquat??!!” I’ve been quoting that for years!

    1. It is a tough choice! I am a huge fan of citrus oils and Kumquat is one that I can’t go without. The “richer” means it has a stronger, more intense aroma.
      Haha I definitely remember that episode of ICarly. Now that’s going to be what I think of every time I hear Kumquat

  10. Ahh YAY!!!! I was so bummed that I missed this one. I joined the OOTM shortly after this was gone and have been kicking myself ever since. I’m so glad to see that I can order this beauty and finally relax knowing I’m no longer missing out!

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