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January Oil of the Month: Massoia Bark

Plant Therapy is all about making our customers happy and thinking outside the box. When the recent vanilla shortage left us without that sweet, buttery, decadent scent, we came up with Peru Balsam for December’s Oil of the Month. For January, we have a different yummyness (technical term).

Massoia Bark, whose botanical name is Cryptocaria Massoy or Massioa, is steam distilled from the bark of the Massoia tree. This exotic beauty comes to us from Indonesia.

Massoia Bark, whose botanical name is Cryptocaria Massoy or Massioa, is steam distilled from the bark of the Massoia tree.This oil is valued for it’s unique scent, which is perfume-like. It has a buttery, sweet scent. It reminds me of a pastry shop or cookie.

The main constituent within this essential oil is Lactone. It is what is responsible for the creamy, coconut-like aroma. The Lactone, a rare constituent in essential oils, is  also responsible for the irritation to the skin. Consequently, we do not recommend Massoia Bark for kids, nor for topical use. It is meant for diffusing and aroma only.

Click Here to download the Massoia Bark info sheet.

This calming and decadent essential oil is great for emotional needs and to pamper yourself.  It is not for little runny noses. It is not for cleaning. It is not for toenail problems. Massoia Bark is simply a great diffuser oil that works great while you are soaking in the tub, while you are dreaming of your next vacation, and while eating chocolates!

Here is a diffuser recipe for just such an occasion
If you are a member of Plant Therapy’s Oil of the Month Club, how have you enjoyed Massoia Bark? Let us know in the comments section!

17 thoughts on “January Oil of the Month: Massoia Bark”

  1. I am in love with this oil! So much so that I am scared to use it because I can’t replace it 🙂 Please make it a permanent part of your collection!

    1. We are so glad that you like it! Yes, it does have that scent and can be customized in a blend with other delicous smelling oils 🙂

  2. I love this oil! This is definitely one of my new favorites. It’s like a vanilla coconut scent, LOVE! I wish I could add it into products but just being able to enjoy the scent in a diffuser is great! I would love to purchase this oil if made available!

  3. I actually don’t particularly like this oil, to me it smells like rawhide. You know like when you’re checking out at a pet shop and they have those bins of rawhide treats for your dogs, that’s what this oil smells like to me. This was my first oil of my subscription. I’m not mad about it, everyone has their own preferences and senses and i still use it. It just gives me something to hope for in February.

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