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Oil Cleanse Method


One of the most important things to remember when dealing with your skin is that your body creates oil to help keep your pores clean and free of debris. In order to dissolve this oil and get at the trapped dirt, you need to use oil to cleanse your face.

Now no one is allowed to freak out!  But – that will cause breakouts, right?

No, it won’t. Breakouts happen for several reasons.

  1. Hormonal: Fluctuations in hormones can cause breakout for a variety of reasons. The  underlying cause may even be an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder.
  2. Genetic: Some people are just predisposed to acne.
  3. Psychological: Being stressed out CAN cause acne. When stress is high, the likelihood of a breakout can increase.
  4. Infectious: Some types of bacteria are known to colonize in the pores of the skin. These bacteria can disrupt normal, healthy skin function and result in an acne outbreak.
  5. Diet: Many times eruptions on the skin are a direct result of a food sensitivity or allergy. Finding the root cause can greatly reduce the number of outbreaks.


Once you figure out WHY your face is breaking out, you can take the appropriate steps to remedy the situation. Now, back to using oil to clean your face. There are a few guidelines to follow when blending carrier oils to use as your OCM base. First, start with about 20% of the whole as castor oil. Castor oil is drawing and helps to clear the skin of deep dirt in the pores. The remaining 80% is up to you. At the end of this post, you’ll find a few links that can help you choose the carrier that’s right for you.

You’ll want to know what type of skin you have. Perhaps you already know, but if not here is a handy tool I found for you to use to discover your skin type:

Knowing your skin type is useful in choosing which carrier oils will make up your oil cleanse. Adding essential oils is like icing on the cake! You can seriously customize this concept to really fit the goals you have for your skin! Let me give you a few examples.


None of these ratios or recipes are set in stone. You may have to experiment a little in order to find what works well for your skin. Always make a small “batch” in order to see how it works, then you can scale up or change as needed. In order to learn more about carrier oils, check out this post: Carrier Oils – The Other Part of the Equation. This will guide you in choosing carrier oils that suit your needs. Other great posts like  DIY Facial Serum and Beauty Masks have helpful recipes that you may consider using to customize your carrier oil blend.


So once you’ve made your oil cleanse you’ll follow these step to use it:
  1. Massage a quarter sized amount into the skin
  2. Using hot water, wet a wash cloth and apply over the face to steam the skin (this allows the pores to open and the oils to get inside to help pull out the dirt)
  3. Wipe the skin with that wash cloth
  4. Rinse the wash cloth
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 at least one more time


I like to do this in the evening prior to bed. After cleansing with oil, you’ll find you don’t need any additional moisturizer. In the morning, I simply use water and a wash rag to wipe my face clean. I will apply a light serum in the morning!


As always if you have any further questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected] We can also be found on Facebook at Safe Essential Oil Recipes.

24 thoughts on “Oil Cleanse Method”

  1. I have been using the OCM for about 3 weeks and I’m sold! My skin looks and feels great! The blend I use is : castor oil, EVOO, Argan oil, and pure emu oil. I store it in an Airless Pump Bottle Found on Amazon for $4 and that includes shipping. It keeps things mess free and is awesome! I use a 1 oz. size. I then follow with the anti-age roll on from PT, more emu oil and argan and that’s it! I haven’t used any commercial cleansers since starting this and don’t miss them! I just slap a little water over my face in the shower in the morning and then mositurize. Easy peasy 🙂 I’m so glad to see this on the blog. So many people are unaware of this method and I can’t boast enough about it. Way to go PT!

  2. Question for those that use this – I did this a few years ago but had a longer term issue of the oils building up in my drain. The sink started draining very slowly and we realized it was all these oils building up in the drain. I ended up discontinuing this method because I couldn’t find a way to prevent this from happening. Anyone else have this problem?

    1. No problems with it. Just run the hot water a while when rinsing and finishing. Alternately, put baking soda and vinegar down the drain once a month, followed by a kettle/coffeepot full of hot water. HTH.

  3. Do the same rules apply to OCM as serums? 9 drops of oil per ounce? Also, is serum considered a moisturizer? Or would I still apply lotion on top of the serum?
    I am very new to the use of oils and appreciate this blog and your help. Thank you.

    1. Hi Tamara! Yes the same rules apply for serums or any product you would use on your face. 9 drops per ounce should be the maximum you would use. You can use a serum with a moisturizer, but you would not want to add essential oils to both.

    1. I wouldn’t leave on too long, just a minute or so, as too much heat for too long could rupture tiny blood vessels…

  4. I’m also curious about the length of time to leave the hot wash cloth on for. Is this something that can be done in a hurry or is this more of ‘weekend’ type cleanser?

    1. Kimberly, I prefer not to leave on too long. Too much heat can rupture tiny blood vessels..1-2 mins or just a steam before cleaning with a warm washcloth would be fine 🙂

      1. That works for me. Thank you. Oh, one more question that’s off topic. Is it advisable to use a variety of carrier oils at once? I came across a reputable company that sells blends of 12 carrier oils (equal proportions). I was thinking of getting it and using it for a base for serum/beauty cream/moisturizer and cleanser. They’re all the normal ones like on here, just all of them together

        1. It of course depends on the quality and how your skin reacts to them :). There’s nothing wrong with combining carrier oils, if they are of a high quality and beneficial to you.

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