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Easiest Sugar Scrub Recipe (great diy gift)


fabulous-diy-sugar-scrubThe season of giving gifts is quickly approaching.  If you need lots of DIY gifts for friends or want to do a fun group activity this sugar scrub is a fabulous option and at less than $2.50 a jar it won’t break the bank!  With the below ingredients you can make a total of 64 jars.  You can use it without essential oils or customize it to your preference.  If you’re doing a group activity I would recommend purchasing 100ml bottles (approximately 660 drops per bottle) of Palmarosa and Cedarwood Himalayan for a fabulous, KidSafe, Pregnancy safe(after the first trimester), and nursing safe relaxing aroma.

What you’ll need;

What you’ll do;

  1. Combine the ingredients in a glass bowl.
  2. Stir well to combine and scoop 4 ounces into each jar.

To use;

Use a small handful to scrub your legs in the shower, rinse well. The carrier oil leaves behind a light layer of oil keeping moisture in! I often shave right after without any need for shaving cream, just use the carrier oil left behind!  Be careful not to get water in the scrub as this can cause bacterial growth.


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Best Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes For Sleep (KidSafe)


What are the best essential oils for deep sleep?  What are the best essential oils for sleep and relaxation?

These are some of the most common questions I get as a Certified Aromatherapist.  I have to use safe essential oils for kids since I have little ones.  There is no single blend that is the best, it varies from person to person.  Some people feel energized by lavender and sweet orange.  If that’s the case for you then you would want to substitute or omit those essential oils from the recipes listed below.

Sleep Like A Baby
Sleep Like A Baby










You’ll notice that I used Amyris in several of these recipes.  It’s been one of my severely underused essential oils, and after starting to blend it I feel like I’ve been missing out!  This great oil has a dry, woody, peppery balsamic aroma.  This essential oil is fabulous for emotional support; relaxation, soothing, uplifting.  It’s also really great for your skin and improves texture and the appearance of fine lines.  Certainly one I’ll be getting out much more frequently!


A Cup of Compassion — Part II



Now that we have some simple steps fill our own Cup of Compassion from Part I, let’s discuss the benefits of practicing a compassionate life when the world around us may not always feel so kind. In the world of natural health, we say “we get a healing when we give a healing.” And, so, we enhance our own wellbeing by working to enhance the wellbeing of the world around us.

And, it is indeed a practice. At times, it can be a struggle. Like any practice, it requires an intention and a striving to stay grounded in that intention with gentle persistence. Without an intention to live a compassionate life, I find I can just get buffeted around by unkindness around me. I absorb that energy and become reactive.

This triggers the fight or flight condition and my stress levels increase. The more I feel unmoored from a compassionate heart, the more negative thoughts are able to rule my mind creating stories about others and heightening my sense of anxiousness as I enter into a sense of defensiveness and self-protection. And, then, I become part of the problem by contributing my crabbiness in a reactive mode as I flail around in choppy waters.

But, when I empower myself, by making the conscious choice to stay in a proactive mode of positivity, I feel much more anchored and sheltered in the calm of potential storms.

If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him.” — Mahatma Gandhi

heart-light-web-sizeSo, with wisdom handed down from gifted healers and thought leaders who have been part of my healing journey, I have developed a personal practice of living a compassionate life. Not only does it help me stay well within, I am hopeful it contributes to the wellbeing of the world around me. And, because we are human, this is never a perfect practice. Support is important. And, as always, I find aromatherapy to be my perfect partner by helping to calm my mind and body, as well as inspiring a deep sense of peace within.

Be The Ripple in the Pond

 If I am a pebble in the pond, what is the energy I am putting out there? In Food for Thought, we learned how negative thoughts can influence our wellbeing. How I am feeling inside can affect how I react and interact.

Not only am I balancing the wellbeing of myself, I create the opportunity to positively impact the moment I interact with others. It can simply be that vibe we feel when we cross paths.

A big part of my healing journey is learning to be peaceful within. Equanimity – calmness of mind in stressful situations – does not come naturally to me. It had to be cultivated. In fact, if I allow it, folks who are unkind can really flip my switches from the flow of happy juice to stress cocktail.

In Take a Breath and Cool Your Jets, we learned how stress starts in the mind and contributes to serious health conditions. Am I in the “fight or flight” mode of the stress response when I am out and about? Or, are I am radiating a peaceful energy of calm, kindness, and compassion?

Years ago, When I was an undergraduate in a psychology class, I was assigned to a smile experiment. It involved making eye contact with everyone I passed – on campus, at the mall, in a restaurant, at the store – just in every day life –and smiling and recording responses. I was astounded at the number of people who smiled back with genuine pleasure, and often, with surprise. It made such an impression on me, that it is still a habit I practice today. I am still often amazed at how it changes the energy around me, while it charges my own.

Choose To Let It Go

If I carry around perceived or felt hurts or slights, I am taking on the negative energy put out by others. This can be hard for sensitive folks like me.

Trust me, I can be taken way out of my Zen Zone if I feel my wellbeing is being threatened either intentionally or through negligence. And, I’m not talking about turning the other cheek when it comes to big societal ills. Those are discussions for another time and another approach.

What I am talking about are the everyday concerns. Someone didn’t say thank you. A co-worker was brusque. Your spouse came home grumpy. Your friend was late for a night out. Am I going to react, take on that energy, and let it weigh me down? If I do, I am giving away my own power over my own wellbeing.

I can choose how I am going to react and respond. This is where taking a few deep breaths to turn off that fight or flight stress response can be helpful. That also gives me time to calm my reaction and change the dialogue in my head from “wow she is really being a witch today, to “wow, she is not herself at all today, I wonder what is wrong?” Just that compassionate change in my mindset, creates a more peaceful change in my body. Not only am I letting go of the issue, I am letting go of the tension I feel.

Meet Them With Compassion

This doesn’t meant accepting bad behavior. But, sometimes it means either walking away and discussing at another time if merited, or meeting them with compassion and seeing what happens.

At the health practice where I spend some time, our patients are often grumpy, short on patience, and sometimes, just short of rude when they first come to us. But, I have been on that side of the aisle. They are also hurting, stressed, overwhelmed, fearful and frustrated. I believe their healing experience starts with the energy and interactions they feel when they walk through the front door. So, my goal is to meet them with compassion. A smile when they come in, kindness while they are there, and hug (for the huggers) when they leave. It’s amazing how much most of them relax. This creates a healing environment for their wellbeing, and my own inner being benefits from more peaceful exchanges that can literally change from barking at me to laughing with me.

The point is, we don’t know what folks around us are experiencing and we don’t know their stories. We don’t know if something just happened, or if something terrible is going on in their lives. The day I held my beloved canine companion of 15 years in my lap as she passed over to the Rainbow Bridge was absolutely heartbreaking. As I moved through the world in a dismal fog for days after, who knows what I projected around me and the stories people may have told themselves in reaction. Maybe I didn’t park correctly, or perhaps I accidentally cut someone off in the grocery line. Or, maybe I just didn’t smile when I ordered my coffee in the drive through. What I do remember is the folks who didn’t know my story, but met me with kindness anyway and how much that helped to sooth and smooth my heartache.

Reflect the Glow for Good

 I have always been drawn to dragonflies. And, they seem to be drawn to me. Many years ago, I looked up their symbolic meaning and learned that the dragonfly represents the power to reflect light and energy out into the world for the good of others. This resonated with me deeply as I was pursuing my path in the natural healing arts. I adopted the dragonfly as my spiritual reminder of this message of empowerment for impacting those around me in a positive way. Every time a see a dragonfly, I am reminded I have the power and the choice to reflect a glow for good both professionally and personally.

Yes, there are cranky and crabby folks out there. But, there also those filled with grace and kindness. And, that is whom I choose to focus on and absorb the energy to be redirected for my next interaction.

Recently, I was leaving a store just as the skies opened up in a drowning drenching. Of course, I did not have my umbrella with me and my car was parked across a large lot. Just in the moment I was exiting the store to be confronted by this dilemma, a gentleman was just arriving at the doors with his wife under a giant umbrella for two. As she was passing me into the store, without missing a beat, he said “you go ahead honey, I am going to escort this young lady to her car.” And with that, he had already pivoted toward the parking lot, placed the umbrella over my head and simply said “which way is your car, Miss?”

I can’t even describe the rush of gratitude and goodwill I felt at that moment by such a seemingly simple act of compassion on his part, but I simply smiled (probably beamed) and carried on to my car with my unexpected escort. And, I carried that warm glow the rest of the day, basking in it and letting if affect my mood and outlook on the world as I passed by a multitude of other in my daily rounds. More importantly, I am reminded, no matter how much of a rush I am in, it only takes a moment to extend a simple act of kindness to others who could benefit from an assist. I may be flitting around like a dragonfly, but in that moment, I can still reflect positive vibes and an act of kindness.

So, I admit, living a compassionate life isn’t always an easy practice. But, a practice it is. It is a conscious choice to be the ripple in the pond, let things go, meet folks with compassion, and reflect the glow for good. I mentioned how aromatherapy is my perfect partner, and I’ve created synergies to support these sensibilities depending on the situation. These can be used in a diffuser or tripled to carry with you in a personal inhaler.


Balance Blend

2 drops geranium bourbon

2 drops neroli

1 drop orange, sweet

This is my go-to, when I need a little boost to balance my being by letting go of strong turbulent emotions


Bliss Blend

2 drops ho wood

2 drops kunzea

1 drop sandalwood

Relaxing and grounding to the mind, body and spirit. This blend is often helpful to set a blissful mood.


Zen Zone

2 drops bergamot

1 drop blue cypress

1 drop davana

1 drop sandalwood

Relaxing, centering, uplifting and calming. I like this blend to help me return to a place of peace.


I know I feel better by doing better for those around me. It is really my choice. Do I want to continually drink the poison of the stress cocktail, or do I want to bathe my being in happy juice? I know when I experience inner peace, I am more able to transmit that back out into the world. And, I can create that by being the calm in the storm. When I do, while all may not be right with the world, all is right with my world right now. And, perhaps, just a bit of that helps another looking for their own piece of peace.


Immune Boosting Shower Discs



My kids haven’t even been back in school for a week and we’re already getting sick germs!  I decided to throw these together for my morning shower when I wake up feeling a little under the weather.

What you’ll need;

  • 2 cups flour
  • 3 tablespoons Cornstarch
  • 3 tablespoons water
  • Mold, I used this one

Essential Oil Master Blend;

What you’ll do;

  1. Mix all ingredients except essential oils in a bowl.
  2. Place into mold and cook on 300 for 20 minutes.
  3. Remove from mold and drop 5 drops of your master blend onto each disc.
  4. Store in jar.

To use;

Place on shower floor (or soap dish), not directly in the water spray, and enjoy the fabulous aroma and benefits of your blend!  Mine last  5-10 minutes (depending on how much water gets on it) so it’s the perfect amount of time for a quick shower.


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6 Best Essential Oils For Upset Stomach *Bonus DiGiZen Chart*



Stomach problems have been a reoccurring ailment of mine for as long as I can remember.  If I’m anxious, I get an upset stomach.  I binged at Thanksgiving dinner, I experience digestive problems, almost like a sour stomach from overeating.  I come down with any little sickness going around, it’s always accompanied by an queazy stomach.  A ride on a boat, or too much motion, again, an upset stomach.















DiGiZen is one of the synergies I keep a roller bottle in my purse, ready to go at a moments notice!  I have attended more than one event where I can feel tell-tale rumbling and churning of my stomach.  Was it something I ate?  Am I coming down with a bug?  Are my nerves getting the better of me?  It doesn’t matter, I keep a solution with me at all times.  Rather than having to excuse myself from the event I dart to the bathroom, roll this onto my stomach, wait five minutes, and I emerge feeling settled and ready for anything.

Many of the 5 star reviews mention how much it has helped customers combat symptoms associated with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  This is not intended to treat any medical conditions but may be helpful used in conjunction with the advice given by your medical professional.


How to use;


Top 3 Natural Remedies For Sore Throat



One of the awful symptoms that I often experience throughout the winter months is a sore throat.  That dreaded feeling of wishing that you didn’t have to keep swallowing your own spit, each time it seems to travel more slowly and be even more painful than the time before.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but honestly, it’s so uncomfortable and finding relief is at the forefront of my mind.  It’s important to see your medical doctor to determine the cause and to use the following recommendations in conjunction with the advice of your doctor.  I encourage you to try all three natural sore throat remedies to determine what works best for you.



My most used synergy to help minimize healing time and ease discomfort is KidSafe Germ Destroyer (you can also use Germ Fighter).  Some single oils I will often use are Sandalwood(2%), German Chamomile(2%), or German Chamomile CO2 (0.1%).

  • Do a steam bowl with 1 drop 2-3 times daily.
  • Add 15 drops to a personal inhaler.
  • Diffuse intermittently throughout the day.  I typically do 30 minutes on and 60 minutes off.  This give my body enough time to process the essential oils without overdoing it.
  • Gargle diluted to 2% in melted virgin coconut oil (you can use the carrier oil of your choice but I find virgin coconut works best for me), try to keep it in for about 30 seconds then spit.  Repeat 2-3 times daily.
  • Dilute to 2% in the carrier oil of your choice and apply to the outside of your throat.  I like to do it in a roller bottle for ease of application.



  • Using a pink salt inhaler for 20 minutes a day may provide additional relief.
  • Dilute pink himalayan salt into a bit of warm water and gargle as long as you can.  Repeat 2-3 times daily.



The process in which hydrosols are made make them more gentle than their essential oil counterparts, they don’t require any dilution.  My favorite ones to use as sore throat natural remedies are; Lavender or Chamomile mixed with half Tea Tree.

  • Spray directly into throat, I would repeat every few hours.
  • Gargle, repeat as desired.
  • Warm compress on the outside of the throat.





My kids are absolutely IN LOVE with the new KidSafe Autumn Breeze, my oldest (age 10) described it as “a warm winter creamsicle”, which I think it a perfect description.

The Vanilla 12% CO2 is sweet, Sweet Orange uplifting, a gentle herbaceous grounding aroma balances this synergy using German Chamomile CO2, and Copaiba Balsam finishes it off perfectly with a sweet warmth.

I found this family friendly, adorable, and easy pumpkin paper craft on It’s Always Autumn (she has very helpful step by step pictures as well).  



What you’ll need;

  • Autumn Breeze  (any of the synergies from the fall set are great however this is the only KidSafe one)
  • 3 pieces 12×12 scrapbook paper (it’s heavier than regular printer paper)
  • 2 Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Ruler

What you’ll do;

  1. Cut 16-24 strips of paper in the following dimensions; Small: 6 inches long by 1/2 wide, Medium: 9 inches long by 3/4 inch wide, Large: 12 inches long by 1 inch wide
  2. Punch a small hole near both ends of the paper strips.
  3. Put one end of the pipe cleaner through the holes in the paper and loop to keep paper from falling off, pattern side down (at the looped end of the wire)
  4. Pick up the bottom paper strip and thread the wire through the hole on the other end, in order, bottom strip first.
  5. I did a tight loop in the pipe cleaner so the paper would stay in place and wrapped it around a pencil to curl the ‘vine’.

To use;

Place 1 drop of Autumn Breeze on the top of each pipe cleaner, it absorbs well and holds the scent for hours!


KidSafe Steam Distilled Lime Is Here! *DIY Mojito Lip Balm Recipe*


I am beside myself with excitement about our new Steam Distilled Lime!  With this lime you don’t have to worry about phototoxicity, let your imagination run wild and use this in any of your beauty products!  This also means that it is part of our KidSafe line of essential oils!  Lime is now one of the top rated essential oils for kids (according to my little ones)!  Add to your favorite immune boosting blend for a beautiful clean scent.  Use it with the oil cleanse method to help balance oily skin.  Diffuse it with lemon for a bright and energizing blend to help get you going first thing in the morning.


First on my list was to make an invigorating lip balm.  I decided that it would be a fun holiday gift for friends and teachers.  As an added bonus, it comes out to about 0.70 per gift!

What you’ll need;

What you’ll do;

  1. In a double boiler melt butter and beeswax.
  2. Once melted turn off heat.
  3. Add macadamia oil, lime, and peppermint.
  4. Mix well.
  5. Transfer into lip balm tubes.  (move quickly as the beeswax hardens quickly)
  6. Allow to cool then place lid firmly on.
  7. You can print Avery 22804 Mojito Lip Balm Labels.

Click Here for tips and tricks on cleaning up the messy beeswax!


Passive Diffusion Fall Craft-Acorn Potpourri


I really enjoy the new Spiced Orange, however it isn’t KidSafe, so I got my kids involved in a craft, then used the essential oils on the craft once they jumped on the bus for school.  Spiced Orange is a wonderful essential oil blend that will fill the air with the beloved fragrance of the holidays. This special holiday blend conjures the scent of warm spices simmering on the stovetop, the smell of your favorite seasonal tea and cider, and the feeling of family-filled nights by the fire. Spiced Orange includes bright, citrusy Sweet Orange; spicy Clove Bud; and warming Cinnamon Cassia. These essential oils come together beautifully to create a festive feeling in your home.I saw this cute craft for painted acorns on Home Stories A To Z.  I quickly put my kids to work gathering acorns.  The scent lingered for about three hours for me, although it may vary for others.

My 5 year old son was helping me gather the acorns.  I kept telling him how fast and amazing he was.  Shortly after coming back into the house I overheard him asking my phone “who is the fastest acorn hunter ever”, I think he half expected the reply to be his name.


What you’ll need;

  • Spiced Orange (any of the synergies from the fall set are great!)
  • Glass vase
  • Enough acorns to fill vase
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint

What you’ll do;

  1. Gather acorns
  2. Rinse acorns
  3. Place acorns on foil lined cookie sheet
  4. Cook at 170 for 2 hours to kill any little creatures
  5. Remove from oven and let cool
  6. Put a dab of glue on the inside of any tops that may have come off and reattach   (I wiggled the ones that were still attached and glued the ones that came off easily)
  7. Paint the nut portion and allow to dry (I left about 1/3 unpainted because I like the natural look and it was late so I left them overnight)
  8. Place in vase
  9. Drop 3-5 drops directly on acorn tops for a fabulous aroma!



A Cup of Compassion — Part I



I don’t know about you all, but I am weary of the level of unkindness that seems to have taken hold in our society. Social media. Political cross talk. Talk shows. Aggressive driving and road rage. Someone could probably do (and probably has) a social study on the level and volume of hostility that seems at times to float in an unholy gumbo around us.

There have been tons written on what is wrong, what can be done right, and why it should be so. Many share a concern for what seems like an erosion and disconnect from not only basic manners, but also a declining level of discourse and what it means for our culture and society in general. These are big issues that can seem overwhelming and out of our control.

cup-of-kindness-webAnd, these interactions can be draining to our whole being leaving us with not much to give. But, the good news is, we can fill our cup of compassion with some really simple steps that, in return, provide positive benefits for our own wellbeing. I’ve outlined some ways we can help our health by helping others. And, I’ve included some aromatherapy blends to help mind our mood.

So let’s all take a deep breath, let go, and take a look at what we can do. Can we change the world? Maybe. But, I know we can change our inner world and how we interact with the world around us.

“If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another.”

— The Dalai Lama

As gentle souls, when we take in negative energy around us, it can challenge our health and wellbeing. We’ve talked about stress in Take a Breath and Cool Your Jets. Remember, stress starts in the mind and travels to the body through a stress cocktail of cortisol and epinephrine that can have serious consequences to our health and wellbeing over the long term.

BUT, we also have a group of chemicals that I like to think of as our happy juice. These neurochemicals also start in the brain and travel to the body. And, guess what? They have a positive effect on our health and wellbeing.

 Dopamine – The Go Getter

Who loves to make lists and gets a little happy (ok, a lot happy) when you get to make that check mark after the task is completed? That’s your dopamine at work. It is responsible for motivation toward goals and that little happy high you get when you have achieved it.[1] Anyone in the crowd get a little glow from helping others? Kindness also releases dopamine and gives us what is known as the “helper’s high.” In addition to the happy high from helping and doing, dopamine is vital to many functions in our brain such as movement and memory.[2]

 Serotonin – The Mood Lifter

Serotonin is thought to be vitally important for keeping our mood and spirits elevated. Low levels are associated with significant bouts of depression. It flows when we feel sense of achievement, fulfillment and a sense of belonging.[3]

Serotonin is not only vital for keeping our mood lifted, it also affects most of our brain cells impacting everything from sexual desire, to sleep, to our ability to learn. In our bodies, serotonin impacts the functions of our cardiovascular and endocrine systems, as well as muscle movement. [4]

Endorphins – The High Way

These are the big-gun chemicals that give us a sense of euphoria and help us reduce the perception of pain. They actually bind to the same receptor sites as morphine giving us the effects without the side effects.[5] Think of a marathon runner hitting the “runner’s high” to get their second wind to finish the distance. But, here’s a fun fact. Researchers have linked laughter to the reduction of pain and believe it is due to the release of endorphins. The pain threshold increased even more when laughter occurred in groups heartily laughing while watching comedy together over 15-minute intervals.[6]

Oxytocin – The Love Connection

This is often referred to as the “love hormone.” It is believed to create bonding through “emotional warmth.”[7] It is what we feel when we fall in love. Or, when a parent sees their new child for the first time. Hugs and warm contact significantly increase oxytocin levels. [8] And, puppy love? Oh yes! When bonded dogs and their humans gaze into each other’s eyes there is a flood of oxytocin in both.[9] According to NIH, oxytocin “lowers the levels of stress hormones in the body, reducing blood pressure, improving mood, increasing tolerance for pain and perhaps even speeding how fast wounds heal.”[10]

So, with the information from above, here are ways we might fill our own cup of compassion:

  • Put reaching out to help others on your “to do” list and then do it.
  • Participate in groups where you feel like you belong and that give you a sense of fulfillment.
  • Enjoy the company of others with whom you love to laugh.
  • Provide warm, compassionate touch – especially hugs – to your loved ones (cuddling with your puppy love is included).

Now, let’s add aromatherapy to our master blend of happy juice. In Food for Thought, we talked about the impact aromatherapy has on the mission control center of our brain where mood, behavior, and stress are managed. Setting and supporting our mood is an area where aromatherapy excels. If we aren’t in the mood to start, it can be awfully hard to generate compassion.

Here are some blends I find helpful in my efforts to fill my own cup by inspiring a more uplifted and positive outlook.

 Inner Child

This is one of my favorite blends for inviting cheerful energy when my own spirits need a lift.

2 drops grapefruit

2 drops mandarin

1 drop of spearmint

Enjoy in a diffuser, or triple blend for a personal inhaler.


Hopeful Soul

Helps to infuse a sense of enthusiasm and emotional warmth, while inviting positive energy and creating calming and centering experience.

2 drops coriander

1 drop bergamot

1 drop copaiba balsam

1 drop sandalwood

Enjoy in a diffuser, or add to a warm bath before bedtime by blending with 1-2 tablespoons of unscented body wash and ½-1 cup of Epsom salts.


Sacred Space

 I use this blend to help support a clear, positive and protected personal space and to help maintain cheerful energy when interacting with others.

2 drops bergamot

2 drops juniper berry

2 drops rosemary

It can be blended into a room spray by combining 6 drops of the blend per each one ounce of pure grain alcohol in a mister bottle. Use before or after interacting with others. You can also pre-blend and add a drop to a diffuser necklace to wear throughout the day.


So, here, we have some simple steps to fill our cup of compassion with happy juice to benefit mind, body and spirit. For when we give happy, we get happy, and then, we can give more happy to those around us. And, that’s a good thing because, as the saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.”

With our cups refilled, let’s meet back here for A Cup of Compassion Part II to discuss further the benefits of living a compassionate life.


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