55 Count (Plant Therapy Logo) Wooden Essential Oil Organizer Storage Box (Various Bottle Sizes)

55 Count (Plant Therapy Logo) Wooden Essential Oil Organizer Storage Box (Various Bottle Sizes)

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When it comes to essential oils you know that one is never enough and storage can be an issue. That is why Plant Therapy has created a unique case that is just fabulous and perfect for keeping your essential oils in one place. This Wooden Box case is gorgeous, lightweight, comes with a Plant Therapy logo, and is an ideal storage unit for up to 55 essential oil bottles: (24) 10 ml Bottles, (16) 10 ml Roll-On Bottles, (15) 30 ml Bottles. It is a great gift for any essential oil user. Keep your oils organized, protected, and together with this lovely Wooden Box case today!
  • Wooden box holds a total of 55 (Various Sizes) essential oil bottles, including:
    (24) 10 ml Bottles
    (16) 10 ml Roll-On Bottles
    (15) 30 ml Bottles
  • Box size: 13" l x 10" w X 5" h
  • Bottles are not included -- image shown is for example only.
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Customer Reviews


On December 14, 2016


Awesomely Unique

This box is exactly what I have been looking for! For quite some time. Deep enough to hold rollerballs standing up, with 3 different sized slots that even accommodate 1 ounce bottles, at a reasonable price! Nothing is glued down in the box, which allowed some of the wood pieces to jar loose in transit, but they were easily reseated. No glue also allows you to rearrange the 3 sections if needed. I intend to purchase another in the future. Highly recommended!


On January 7, 2017



I own 2 of these boxes. They are amazing for storing all my oils in. I actually took the dividers out of both and combine them so I could have all 10ml in one and the 30ml & 5ml in one place. It works like a charm and easy to use.


On April 23, 2017


Great product!

I love this box! It holds so many oils, in so many different sizes - couldn't be happier to have grabbed this one.

Oils and Ivories

On May 27, 2017



Bought the 55 count storage box for several moms as a Mother's Day gift. We all love it!!! I keep mine by my bed for our bedtime diffuser. I have favorite oils in different sizes and rollers that I enjoy in the evening/night and this storage box is perfect! Great quality and keeps my oils safe from direct sunlight. Highly recommend this versatile storage box if you have different size oils and rollers.


On January 13, 2018


Beautiful box

Now, my wonderful Plant Therapy Essential Oils have a proper home! The carrier box is beautiful light wood...construction is excellent. I love it!