4 oz Aluminum Refillable Spray Bottle Mister 4-Pack

4 oz Aluminum Refillable Spray Bottle Mister 4-Pack

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Whether you are making a room deodorizing spray, monster spray for your child, or body mist, our aluminum bottles are the perfect spray bottles.
These 4 ounce aluminum bottle sets include the bottle, a black finger sprayer, and a black cap.
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Customer Reviews


On August 28, 2017



Just wish they were stainless steel. I have been using this with tension essential oil in a carrier oil. It gives me a good squirt which I rub on my neck. So far I haven't had any issue with the pump. I have only used one container so far.


On December 15, 2017



Great bottles! Made a sweet dream spray for my little one- I spray it in his room before he goes to bed. So far the sprayer works great. Looking forward to switching to these for our bug spray in the summer- much more durable than glass bottles


On October 14, 2017


Heavier stream than anticipated

I got the bottle to use with the Shield Me blend for a bug spray. The pray comes out as more of a squirt than a mist. Not a big deal for bug spray, but it didn't give the fine mist I was hoping for to use with a nighty night blend.


On October 31, 2017

Not a fav

I would not purchase these again. To spray a room or a bed it many pumps. Mist would be fine for face but not for a large area.

On August 9, 2017

Not as good as I was hoping for

I purchased 8 bottles on 7/16/17, received them on 7/20/17, super fast delivery, thank you. The aluminum bottles are an excellent size for the different applications I wanted to use them for. When I initially tried them they worked very well. I subsequently ordered 8 more bottles on 7/23/17. Unfortunately the pump/spray portion of the bottles have started to fail. By fail I mean when you depress the top of the spray bottle it stays down. So basically you get one spray and then its done. You have to manually pull up on the cap to spray it again and continue to repeat the process to spray.