4 oz Aluminum Refillable Spray Bottle Mister

4 oz Aluminum Refillable Spray Bottle Mister

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Whether you are making a room deodorizing spray, monster spray for your child, or body mist, our aluminum bottles are the perfect spray bottles.
These 4 ounce aluminum bottle sets include the bottle, a black finger sprayer, and a black cap.
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Customer Reviews

White Willow Cleaning Co

On May 10, 2016


Eco cleaner

The key to making this mister work is using distilled water along with not adding salt, of any kind. A drop or two of Rosemary EO along with distilled water will keep your product from turning rancid and clogging up. Filtered water does not remove minerals which will clog this mister up. We use these on a daily basis and they work great. Keep one on the back of the toilet added with your favorite EO for a great poo-pourri. Add one to your car to help with germs and allergens. So many uses for this little guy.


On August 31, 2016


Overall a good buy

I purchased these after having some 2 oz glass spray bottles from somewhere else. The lids on those slipped off very easily and I shattered one on my tile floor when I picked it up by the lid. The lid fits much better on these, plus, they're not breakable. Yes, sometimes the pump sticks down. So far, I have been able to fix that every time by cleaning it and letting it dry before using again. Yes, once in awhile it leaks a little bit, but not consistently (usually only when traveling with it) and since I mostly use these in the bathroom or kitchen, it's not a problem to wipe up the few drops and carry on.


On September 26, 2016

These are ok..

While they're easy to mix things into and get all set up I was disappointed on how easily they leak and how the top will eventually get to where you can't spray it. I wanted to really love these. Disappointed.


On December 31, 2016


Little mister

I love the size, but not completely satisfied with the spray nozzle. Works okay. The bottle looks great.

Juliet Pailes

On March 20, 2015

I added filtered water, peppermint and ginger plus a little epsom salt for storage purposes to keep the water from going bad and the pump has stopped working after 12 hours. It mists once and then won't rise up again for the next pump. I can pull it back up and get it to spray again, but this is clearly not how the bottle is supposed to work. I'm very disappointed because I had to buy a pack of four so now I have three more that probably won't work either!