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Sleep Sets

Getting good sleep is vital to your health, but many people don't get enough. Plant Therapy’s sleep sets are for everyone, young and old, who have struggled with getting a good night of sleep.

Sleep Tight

Sleep Set

Plant Therapy Sleep Tight Set

Our Sleep Tight Set is designed to have everything you need to help calm and relax the body and mind for a good night’s sleep. It contains our Sleep Tight blend in an undiluted 10 mL bottle, Sleep Tight body cream, a 4 oz. Lavender Organic Hydrosol, silk eye mask, earplugs in a carrying case and Sleep Tight bubble bath! Get your diffuser going with our Sleep Tight blend, then draw yourself a warm bath filled with Sleep Tight bubble bath. After your relaxing bath, apply Sleep Tight body cream, put on your eye mask and ear plugs, and settle in for a good night's sleep!

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Sweet Slumber

Sleep Set

Plant Therapy Sweet Slumber Set

Our Sweet Slumber Set is designed to have everything your kiddos will need to help get a good night’s sleep. Set includes a 10 mL bottle of our Sweet Slumber blend, a pre-diluted roll-on of Sweet Slumber, Sweet Slumber bubble bath, a kid-sized eye mask, a kid-focused sleep tips card, and a convenient bag to keep everything together. After relaxing in a Sweet Slumber bubble bath, roll some Sweet Slumber onto the back of the neck or bottoms of feet, and tuck your kiddo in with their eye mask to help them sleep the night away!

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