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Introducing Crystal Car Fresh from Plant Therapy

Meet the newCrystal Carfresh

Essential Oil Diffuser

Make your trip...a delight

Whether you’re out running errands, commuting to work or driving across country, make your trip a delight with some aromatherapy for the road.

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Crystal Car Fresh

It's as easy as 1‑2‑3...

Step 1

1Remove the Crystal Magnet Cover.

Step 2

2Add essential oils to the fragrance stick & replace cover.

Step 3

3Clip to your car vent & enjoy!

Tips & Tricks

Do use as much or as little essential oils as you like.

Do use KidSafe and Pup & Pony oils with your special passengers.

Do add more drops when you notice the fragrance fade.

Do replace your fragrance stick when it starts to lose absorbency.

Do make your next car trip full of all the oily goodness!

Don't get your essential oils directly on the skin.

Don't forget about the convenient 8-Pack Refills.

Don't leave your essential oil bottles in the hot car.

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Crystal Carfresh Diffuser

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