Forever Mom Gift Set

Mother's Day is May 14th! Treat the mother in your life with our Forever Mom Gift Set. This is the perfect gift to show your mother you care. The set includes a beautifully designed Tree of Life locket necklace with six diffuser pads and two, 8 ounce containers of bath salts in two scrumptious scents: Romantic Rose and Luxurious Lavender & Orange.

Our Romantic Rose and Luxurious Lavender & Orange Bath Salts are the perfect way to pamper yourself any day of the week. Made with 100% pure, premium ingredients, these bath salts are a great way to unwind, uplift, and relax the senses, while leaving the skin moisturized and nourished.

Wear your beautiful Tree of Life Necklace everyday. The 30mm locket is a gorgeous design that is made with surgical grade stainless steel with a 23 inch adjustable stainless steel chain.

Lori Chase

Plant Therapy Chief Aroma Officer

Lori is a Mother of 2 Girls
& a Grandmother of 7

"My favorite oil at this time is Copaiba Balsam. It soothes discomfort, supports respiration and its delicate woodsy aroma rounds out just about any blend and brings me to a happy place!"

Retha Nesmith

Plant Therapy Affiliate Manager

Retha is a Mother of 2 Boys & 1 Girl

"Vetiver is my calm. Whether that is during the day when I am feeling overwhelmed or at night when I need to relax my mind to fall asleep, Vetiver is my first choice."

Amanda Jones

Plant Therapy Co-Owner

Amanda is a Mother of 4 Girls

"I use Tummy All Better anytime one of my kids have a tummy ache for any reason. I use the pre-diluted roll-on and just roll it onto their tummy and chest."

LeAnna Magee

Plant Therapy Aromatherapist

LeAnna is a Mother of 3 Boys & 1 Girl
& a Grandmother of 5

"I love the Spring Blossoms. The smell is amazing. I always get a pick me up from it, and look forward to spending more time outdoors when Spring is coming. It also helps me clear my mind as I am thinking about the outdoors and spring time."

Emilee Hughes

Plant Therapy Aromatherapist

Emilee is an Expectant Mother of 1 Boy

"Being 34 weeks pregnant I’m starting to get really uncomfortable at night. From aching hips to leg cramps, and of course having to get up every 5 minutes to run to the bathroom, I am just not getting a lot of sleep. The one blend that has really helped me the most is our KidSafe (and pregnancy safe) Sweet Dreams."

Diane Mishler

Plant Therapy Aromatherapist

Diane is a Mother of 2 Girls & 1 Boy
& a Grandmother of 5

"I've gained a love and appreciation for Helichrysum. It's so helpful and supportive in our body's natural healing process and is great for minor skin irritations."

Tabithea Clifford

Plant Therapy Customer Service Rep

Tabithea is a Mother of 3 Boys
& a Grandmother of 16

"After work the first thing I diffuse is my Pink Grapefruit. It makes me feel happy and content. The scent is intoxicating and smells like a juicy grapefruit. I add it to my body lotion, shampoo, and a spray I use all over my home. My grandchildren always say 'grandma you smell like a cookie.'"

Erica James

Plant Therapy Customer Service Rep

Erica is a Mother of 2 Girls & 1 Boy

"Orange Sweet is my favorite cheerful scent. It blends wonderfully with Lavender and Roman Chamomile, which keep me relaxed and grounded."

Bee Guajardo

Plant Therapy Customer Service Rep

Bee is a Mother of 2 Girls & 1 Boy

"Rose Absolute is one of my all time favorite essential oils. What I really like about it is the wonderful aroma it gives off; a fresh scent of freshly picked roses. Along with it's amazing smell it has other benefits. It has a calming effect that helps my entire family, it is also KidSafe so I can freely diffuse it at home."

Diana Vigil

Plant Therapy Production

Diana is a Mother of 4 Girls & 2 Boys

"Picking a favorite oil is hard to do! I love so many different ones, but I love Lavender so much. It is so versatile. It's calming, smells good and is great for burns. I use it in my home and on my children because it is KidSafe."

Leslie Moldenauer

Plant Therapy Aromatherapist

Leslie is a Mother of 2 Boys

"My #1 product pick may be different from other Mom’s that may lean toward floral essential oils at the first sign of spring. I tend to gravitate toward oils that ground me through anything in life that comes my way. The aroma I love the most is that of Australian Sandalwood."

Kjersti Munger

Plant Therapy Digital Marketing Assistant

Kjersti is a Mother of 4 Girls & 1 Boy

"Although I have many favorites, if I had to narrow it down to one single oil, I would say that Lavandin was my oil of choice. It has a fresh-cut, floral, lavender scent and can be used in countless ways."