Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd all over the world to help bring awareness to environmental concerns facing our planet. Plant Therapy supports what Earth Day stands for and we want to share it with our customers. This year, we’ve decided to plant a free tree on behalf of every customer that places an order April 20th through April 22nd. With your help, we have an opportunity to plant thousands of trees. This in turn, will help sustain this amazing planet that we all call home for potentially hundreds of years to come. We’re excited about it and we hope you are too!

To help spread the word about Earth Day even further, we’re also giving each customer who places an order during this time, a free Earth Day 2017 Plant Therapy sticker and an Official Tree Planting Certificate to commemorate their participation in Plant Therapy’s tree planting campaign on Earth Day. We have a very limited supply of stickers and certificates. So what are you waiting for? Celebrate Earth Day with Plant Therapy and tell the world how much you care about our planet!