2.5 ml (1/12 oz) Amber Glass Bottles

2.5 ml (1/12 oz) Amber Glass Bottles

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These 2.5 ml (1/12 fl oz) Amber Glass Essential Oil Bottle with European Dropper Cap are the same, high quality bottles that you find with Plant Therapy's 10 ml essential oils. Perfect for storing your own blends or creating new blends to share with friends and family, these amber bottles will protect your oils from sunlight and help them last longer.
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Customer Reviews


On August 1, 2017


Love these little bottles

Was so happy to find these little bottles. Perfect for making up master blends.

Ashley Kuttuva

On December 1, 2017


Sweet Little Fineries

I called customer service because they are much bigger than 2.5ml. Maybe they'll hold more like 4ml. But they are so sweet, thick and very durable. I like them better than other company 5ml bottles even. The bottles are a nice size for easy labeling. And can we talk about how the orifice reducers actually work? You can get oils out like your bigger bottles. Hallelujah! Will definitely be coming back for more of these bad boys. Thank you PT!


On December 23, 2017


Nice size

I haven't used them yet, but I love the size. At first sight they do look big (as mentioned in other reviews), but compared to actual 5 ml bottles they are indeed 2.5 ml. They are short and wide and the glass is thick, but filled up they carry half of the liquid that 5 ml do. I will put them to good use, may purchase more down the line..


On April 23, 2017


Perfect sized!! Love them

So far I have 2 sets of 12 and they come in bubble wrap with 2 bottles in each bubble pack which I think for the most part is good packaging although I did find a crack in one of my bottles but I am so so excited that plant therapy started selling these bottles! They are the perfect size to make a "try out" blend but the best part is you don't have to mess with pippettes like you do with normal dram bottles!! These have the same kind of euro dropper/ Orfice reducer as 5ml or 10ml bottles so you can actually get DROPS to come out! When they first released the oil of the month in the 2.5ml bottle I called customer service begging them to sell these bottles empty haha plant therapy is a great company and they really do listen to us!!


On March 22, 2017


Surpringly Large

Let's start by saying these seem to be high quality bottles...but, they are BIG. I was really excited when I saw these, thinking that I had finally found a small sample sized bottle, with a nice dropper top, for giving friends samples & for having in my purse. I'm going to have to find something to use to measure the amount of liquid that these bottles hold. Because, it seems crazy that it's only 2.5ml. these are a little shorter than a 5ml bottle & a little wider than the 5ml bottle. I came back to the site, to see if I missed the dimensions of these, but it doesn't apear as though, they are stated anywhere. 3 stars are because I feel the dimensions should have been given. I don't think anyone expects the 2.5ml bottle to be the almost the c same size as the 5ml bottle. but, for those that aren't concerned with the size, these do seem to be really nice thick bottles.