16 oz. Oval Foaming Pump Bottle - 4 pack

16 oz. Oval Foaming Pump Bottle - 4 pack

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Do you like to make your own DIY handsoap? These bottles are perfect! These 16 ounce oval bottles and pumps are designed for use with foaming hand or body soap. You can choose between a finger pump (green) or a palm pump (white). The plastic is high quality and perfect for any DIYs.
Choose from a green finger foamer pump or a white palm foamer pump (note that the white palm foamer pump has a green dosage line for an unknown reason).

This comes in a 4 pack of bottles and pumps.

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Customer Reviews


On September 15, 2016



These are great!! I love making my own hand foaming soap in these!


On March 8, 2017



Most foaming pump bottles are 8.5-10oz which requires refilling often if you have a couple of kids! The PT pump is well made & provides luxurious foam (recommend Dr Bronner's Castile soap; diluting 5:1 is economical). Initially, PT sent pumps that were too short, but immediately shipped out correctly sized pumps! If the bottle compresses with use; just unscrew the top & the bottle will spring back to shape! Too early to determine durability of pump. Will revise review accordingly after a few months.


On June 27, 2017


Perfect size Bottle

Great bottle for foaming hand washing! As much as we go through hand washing this is a excellent size. There perfect! Love, love, love!


On November 2, 2017



Very functional and large compared to other soap pump bottles. I've been using smaller ones for years not realizing this size was out the!


On August 31, 2016


I really love making my own foaming soap for my family. I know exactly what goes into it, and I can change the scents often! After a few weeks to a few months of using the pump, however, it stops working properly. It stops coming out foamy and just comes out a liquid. Other times, the pump won't depress at all, as though it has become stuck. I have purchased both the green and the white, but the issues are the same. I have never figured out what is causing these problems, but sometimes cleaning it and letting it dry before using again fixes it for a little while. At least they are inexpensive! And, I have never found any foaming pump dispensers that worked better, so maybe it's just the overall concept. I would like an option to buy just the screw-on tops, since I could use the bottles much longer than the tops. I now have quite a few empty bottles and just a couple unused pump tops left.