108 Blank Round Top Cap Stickers

108 Blank Round Top Cap Stickers

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We are excited to offer you a package of 108 1/2 inch blank round top cap stickers for when you make your own essential oil synergies. These are perfect to write the name on the top so you know what you have made. You can also add these to the 5 ml bottles and 2 ml bottles Plant Therapy offers.
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Customer Reviews

Kari Yearous

On September 1, 2014


Exactly what I needed to label the tops of bottles and roll-ons. Sticker material seems to take fine-tipped permanent marker well (haven\'t tried ballpoint pen yet). Sticking strength seems good; nothing to be concerned about there. Thank you, PT, for providing a solid and straightforward product that we oilers NEED.


On January 15, 2016


Keep these handy!

These need to be stored right in my essential oil cabinet! I often make new blends and roll-ons or take samples of oils I don't have from other friends and need to label them. With all my top loading carrying cases, these are PERFECT!!! Ballpoint pen works great. Perfectly sticky, yet easy to remove if needed.


On April 11, 2017

Not for me

These stickers came on a sheet that wasn't in any other sort of packaging. Expected them to be in a plastic holder case like you would get if you bought stickers at Staples. Stickers keep coming off the sheet. It looks like my sheet was torn off of a bigger roll. Everything else I've ordered from Plant Therapy has been wonderful but these stickers did not live up to that expectation.