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We are excited to welcome you to Essential Oil Blogging! Essential Oil Blogging was created by Plant Therapy Essential Oils (read more about Plant Therapy here).

We started Essential Oil Blogging as a way to share information on Aromatherapy, suggested uses, recipes and other essential oil tips. We also love to share with you all of the exciting new things that are happening over at Plant Therapy.

Essential Oil Blogging gives us the opportunity to share information with you about things that we are passionate about as well as things our followers are passionate about. Some of our topics are: Home Cleaning Recipes, Natural Skin and Hair Care Recipes, Ways to Use Essential Oils, Question and  Answer Segments, Why I Use Essential Oils, and many many more!

Essential Oil blogging is written by Plant Therapy’s team of on-staff Certified Aromatherapists. We welcome ALL who are enthusiastic about Essential Oils and all of the MANY benefits that can come from using them! Please note that some links may be affiliate links! We link to products that we don’t offer, so you know where to find items you may need for a project!

If you wish to make a private suggestion or would like to be given the opportunity to write a post, please feel free to email us at

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Chris Jones, Owner

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

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